Keller Texas Boy Scouts Troop 32

BSA Keller Troop 32

BSA Keller Troop 32


Jarret continued his campaign against distracted driving with Keller Texas, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 32.  “I had a great time!  I think they really enjoyed the presentation, and they had a lot of questions about the car.  I know many of the scouts are not driving yet, but I thought it was important to get them thinking about it now.  There are so many things competing for your attention both inside and outside of the car while driving.”

Talk Text Crash- Jarret Works to Spread the Word

IMG_0975Jarret partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation this week making appearances at press conferences in the Texas cities of Austin and San Angelo.  According to 2013 data, there are 8.6 deaths daily on U. S. roadways attributed to distracted driving.  More recent data indicates that this number is climbing.  Texting while driving is prohibited in many areas across the United States.  “Laws are great but until we raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, we will never get the desired effect”-Jarret.  Remember #X -let your friends know and pause the conversation before you drive.IMG_0979 IMG_0977 IMG_0957

Third Place in Kansas Fathers Day Weekend Doubleheader


20150619_094915 Drafting at Kansas Speedway


Jarret Voorhies and #X Formula Mazda


Jarret Voorhies

Two third place finishes for Jarret Voorhies at Kansas Speedway!  “This track was all about speed” said Jarret.  “I have always heard a lot about aero drafting but I’ve never really experienced it until now.  The car takes on some different characteristics depending on where you are in relation to the car ahead.  As the second car you get such a pull you think you can out run the car in front, but as soon as you pull out and take on all that wind on your own, you slow down considerably.”  The series takes a few weeks off as competitors prepare for the final stretch of the season.  “Sonoma is up next, so I will definitely be spending some time in the simulator preparing.  Thanks go out to my partners, AT&T, Mitchell Petroleum Land Services and Texas Autosports.”

3rd place finish in the 2015 June Sprints at Road America

Jarret had a good weekend at the 60th Annual June Sprints, held at Road America in Elkhart Lake,Wisconsin.  A heavy rain shower shortly before the race left some racers on different tire strategies.  “Well in hind sight, slicks were definitely the way to go” said Jarret.  “It was simply too dry to race on rains but that was the decision I and most of the field made”  Fans really turned out to watch all of the racing action.  Jarret spent a lot of time signing autographs and talking to fans.  He also had the pleasure of visiting with David Hobbs, Formula 1 correspondent with NBC Sports.


Jarret Voorhies


2015 June Sprints at Road America


David Hobbs and Jarret Voorhies


Jarret Voorhies


Formula Mazda at Road America


Texas World Speedway


“It Can Wait” Formula Mazda piloted by Jarret Voorhies


Mitchell Petroleum Land Services, Inc., Texas Autosports


Jarret Voorhies the number 15 Formula Mazda

Billed as the last race at Texas World Speedway in College Station, the entry list didn’t disappoint.  Jarret finished 12th on Saturday as an engine over-heat forced him pit with two laps to go.  Sunday brought a mix of sun and rain.  The decision to run on slick tires was last minute as the track had dried too much for rains.  The car came in late during the race where Jarret finished 7th.  “We just caught the cautions and the pace car at the wrong time.  I know we had at least a fifth place car, just a little bad luck, but it happens.  I’m really looking forward to the next portion of the schedule with Road America and Kansas coming up.”- Jarret

Frisco Texas, Safety Palooza 2015

I had such a great time at the 2015 Frisco Texas, Safety Palooza presented by Baylor Medical and the Frisco Police Department. At this event we invited guests to have their picture made in my very first kart, it was a huge hit!! What a great way to bring attention to the dangers of texting and driving. Remember, use #X to pause the conversation! Don’t Text and Drive- It Can Wait!


Jarret Voorhies- It Can Wait #X


Jarret Voorhies and Deuce Frisco Texas


Jarret Voorhies – #X Don’t Text and Drive


Two very good reasons to never text and drive- #X


It Can Wait- Don’t Text and Drive- #X to pause the conversation

It Can Wait #X


Fort Worth Police Department 2015 Safety Fair




CareFlite Fort Worth – Don’t Text and Drive


Fort Worth Safety Fair- Jarret Voorhies


It Can Wait- Don’t Text and Drive

I was really proud to show off the AT&T, It Can Wait #X Formula Mazda at the 2015 Fort Worth Police Department Safety Fair.  I talked to so many people about the dangers of texting and driving.  Surprisingly, almost everyone had a story to tell me about being hit or almost being hit by a distracted driver!!  Be safe out there and remember, IT CAN WAIT.

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit SCCA Majors


Jarret Voorhies SCCA Majors


It Can Wait- #X


Jarret Voorhies

Fantastic weekend at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, Oklahoma! Two second place finishes!! We almost had the win Saturday in the rain, it came down to a last lap battle for the lead.  Sunday I spun out in turn one but kept it going and fought back to second! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Road Atlanta SCCA Majors

Pretty crazy weekend here at Road Atlanta!  Was a little off pace in the dry, I finished 5th on Saturday.  On Sunday we were one of the quickest in the wet but unfortunately I crashed avoiding a stopped car.  Overall it was a really fun weekend still learning a lot and it definitely was a confidence boost.    10854356_10153211213894489_6740817805469705871_o10522363_853473481379193_3620228736565087008_n