2015 Race Prep

So what do you do during the off season?  You get ready for the next season!  Part of my prep involved a new seat.  It’s a really interesting process not many get to see.  It also takes a lot of time.


Jarret Partners with AT&T, It Can Wait

it can wait Jarre_AT_T_logoJarret is really proud to announce his partnership with AT&T and their “It Can Wait” don’t text and drive campaign.  “I am really proud of this and it’s something that affects almost everyone my age.  When I learned distracted driving is responsible for as many deaths as drinking and driving, I was surprised.  When I learned people in my age group where most likely to be involved, I wanted to do my part to spread the word.”  Jarret will be working with local police departments schools and other venues to help spread the message, #X, because, it can wait.

First Race at Texas World Speedway

_DSC1403Jarret had a fantastic first race in the Formula Mazda!  “We wanted to approach this weekend as a test, a benchmark to see where I measured up going into next season.  With a third place qualifying effort on Saturday and a solid race on Sunday, I’m pretty happy.  I still have a lot of work to do, but I expected that.” _DSC0008

4th Place in the 2014 ROK Cup USA Championship

logo-rokcup-usa-usa-01Jarret had a fantastic day for only his second race in the senior division.  “Driving in this class is a big challenge, the drivers are more experienced and don’t make many mistakes.  This is probably my last national level karting race for the 2014 season, I’m really proud to go out on a high note.  During one heat race, I was the second fastest on the track, behind the leader by only 0.10 of a second.  Thank you to my family, my team and my fans for such a great experience” – Jarret

Rok Cup USA – Round 4- Ocala Gran Prix

Round four of the Rok Cup USA was a big day. First day racing as part of Team Felon and the first day racing in the Sr division.  The weekend was long and hot with a heat index over 105.  The starting lineup included the best in American karting. Jarret finished a very solid 8th place.   Thank you Gary and Dustin for all the help, I’m proud to be part of the team. image